Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Journal project....

Hi happy to be here to share something new and quite a bit different than a card...for sometime i have wanted to start a journal but the idea always seems good, but the pages seem so large and well empty....having studied art in college i have always known that a journal helps you to grow and learn .... the cover of my journal will be revealed in a couple of weeks at the vintage kontoret as it is a project as a design team member....my journal is going to about techniques and learning new innovative things i can add to my finished projects...it by no means is a complete study in coloring or a finished project ... it is merely a place to have fun and play around with new ideas that hopefully help me to grow as an artist... this is a little fun with tilda....i want to add movement to my projects so here i'm trying to make tilda seem as if she's dancing....there's a lot going on here also...the paper has been painted then colored with pencil's and marker's there's crackle paint glitter all added to 'see what happens'....this being my first entry i'm sure it's not as creative as i'd like it to be but it truly was FuN...and that's what i was striving for.....FuN not perfection.... please let me know what you think of my ideas....


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